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Hello, my name is Darren Smith. I was born here in Halifax. After fifteen years of running home inspection franchises here in Halifax, I was thrilled to start Halifax Home Inspections Limited in 2011 in order to serve my valued customers directly from start to finish. My wife Emily is happy to assist you from our home office while my trusted colleague and business partner Mason rounds out our qualified inspection team.

The Gallery portion of this website is an example of some of the stories our inspectors see. We have helped thousands of homeowners and potential homeowners prepare themselves for one of life's most important transactions.


My father was a police detective and I can't help but feel like a detective myself. The house detective.


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Our Services

Pre-Purchase Inspections

We want our time spent together during the home inspection to be informative and enjoyable. We strive to be as thorough as possible but we also want our customers to enjoy themselves. We will inspect your potential new home as if we were buying it ourselves. We look at each house as a challenge. Regardless of the house's age, it has a story and it is our challenge to figure out as much of that story as possible. document it and provide the report to you.

Listing or Pre-Sale Inspections

An incredibly proactive measure in a competitive real estate market is for an owner to have a property inspection performed on a property they are selling. The owner then knows exactly what condition the property is in. It avoids unexpected conflicts once a buyer is found and gives the owner an edge on competing properties for sale. We have marketing material available to our clients if you want to show off the inspection.

Nice residential home with white siding and black windows

We have years of knowledge we can apply to provide you the best solutions to improve and protect your house.


We can complete inspections on your wood burning appliances for insurance purposes or peace of mind.

WETT Inspections

Using a state of the art continuous radon monitor we can test your house for this deadly radioactive gas.

Radon Testing​

We carry a FLIR brand thermal image camera, Arguably the finest thermal image inspection camera brand there is.

Thermal Imaging


"We were extremely pleased with Mr. Smith and Halifax Home Inspections. As first time home buyers, we were nervous about the whole process and had lots of questions. Mr. Smith was very kind and patient with us and answered all of our questions and explained everything to us. After the inspection, we felt much more at ease in buying our home and I believe that Mr. Smith had a lot to do with it. Not only did he point out problems, but he also explained to us how to fix the problems. We greatly appreciate all of your help, and we will certainly recommend your services to others."

Patrick - Halifax West

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