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Years of Experience.

Friendly Service.

About us


Darren Smith


Born and bred in Halifax, company founder Darren Smith started his home inspection career in 1995 when he returned back to Nova Scotia from Saint John N.B. and Dawson City, Yukon. Darren launched his career owning and operating home inspection franchises but transitioned into his own 100% locally owned company in 2011. Over the years Darren has inspected roughly 10,000 homes. Darren is a Certified Property Inspector with InterNACHI and is a mentor to aspiring home inspectors.


Mason McCuish

Mason is a proud veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and we thank him for his service. Mason brings a wealth of modern home experience to the Halifax Home Inspections team. Mason is also tasked with researching all of the new construction trends in the building industry. Mason is a Certified Property Inspector with InterNACHI. Mason's working relationship with Darren goes back to 2012. Mason is our new home and condo specialist.

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Emily Smith


Emily and Darren were married in 2017. She was happy to join the Halifax Home Inspection team on the administration end, bringing her customer service skills from a decade in the service industry (Epicurious Morsels Bistro in the Hydrostone) and running her own tour company in downtown Halifax (Local Tasting Tours).

Our Cause

About Me
My Cause

In 2007 Darren quit smoking. Prior to that he smoked a package of cigarettes a day. Quitting was one of the hardest things he had ever done. Like most people Darren also had family and friends who suffered from far more devastating addictions. Alcohol, drugs, gambling etc. He lost his first cousin David to addiction. Rest in peace.

In addition to being afflicted with an addictive behavior the sufferer also must live with the stigma placed on them by some judgmental individuals. "They have no will power, they are lazy, they want to be addicted". In reality most addicted individuals have under lying physical or mental maladies that have predisposed them to their addictive behavior.

As a board member of a local addiction recovery centre Darren is blessed to rub shoulders with a network of Doctors, Specialists and Professionals in an effort to help people recover from addiction. By supporting this company you support Darren and by supporting Darren you support Darren's Cause.

If you know someone who suffers and they don't know where to turn feel free to contact Darren. There is help available. There is hope.

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