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Quality Inspections.

Thorough Reports.

Our Process

Beige House Exterior with nice lawn


The physical site inspection starts with a complete review of the exterior of the property; the foundation, siding, windows, roof, chimneys, decks etc. Every visible portion of the exterior of the house is reviewed. So long as inspector feels safe, the roof will be mounted for inspection too.

Fireplace in a modern home with coffee table and couches


Inside the home the inspection starts with a review of the mechanical systems; heating, plumbing, electrical etc. Following that each individual room is inspected starting in the basement and working to the top level. The last location to be inspected is the attic.


It usually takes 2 to 3 hours to inspect the average home. This can vary dramatically due to the size and condition of the property. Weather also can play a role in the inspection duration.



The client will be given a written report (20-30 pages) including a summary outlining any maintenance and/or deficiency issues as well as photographs of any maintenance and/or deficiency issues.

Who Attends? 

The clients are strongly urged to attend the inspection if at all possible. The inspection is a great opportunity for the potential buyer to learn how to operate and maintain all of the mechanical systems in the home.

Our Prices Taxes In

  Mini Homes:         $500
Single Family Homes
  under 3,000 sqft:  $600
   over   3,000 sqft:  $700
   over  4,000 sqft:  $800
   over  5,000 sqft:  $900

Beautiful Home with Yellow Door
Large condo building with lots of windows and patios

One Level:         $450
Two Level:         $500
Three Level:      $550


Double Unit:        $ 800
Triple Unit:           $1000
 Four Unit:           $1200

*All prices include HST and reflect both value and quality.​


Contact for a quote regarding commercial buildings, WETT Inspections, Radon Inspections and Consultations.

A VERY important note on pricing:


Like the few other home inspection companies that have been around for over 25 years in HRM our fees reflect our level of experience and expertise. We inspect every house as if we were buying it ourselves.


We would rather have you complain about the price than complain about the inspection. Inspections are available at lower rates. Discount Inspectors either know less or do less. Shopping for a home inspection based on a low price can have catastrophic results and end up costing you large amounts of money after you own the house and the undiscovered issues missed by a discount home inspector start to add up.


No matter who you choose as a home inspector make sure they at least are a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors or Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors.

Our Process
Our Prices
Multiple Unit Dwellings
Neighborhood with lots of very close and connected houses and buildings
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