Halifax Home Inspections Limited

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It usually takes 2 to 3 hours to inspect the average home. This can vary dramatically due to the size and condition of the property. Weather also can play a role in the inspection duration.

Who Comes?

The clients are strongly urged to attend the inspection if at all possible. The inspection is a great opportunity for the potential buyer to learn how to operate and maintain all of the mechanical systems in the home.


The client will be given a written report (20-30 pages) including a summary outlining any maintenance and/or deficiency issues as well as photographs of any maintenance and/or deficiency issues.


The physical site inspection starts with a complete review of the exterior of the property; the foundation, siding, windows, roof, chimneys, decks etc. Basically every visible portion of the exterior of the house is reviewed. The roof will be mounted for inspection as long as the inspector feels safe in doing so.


Inside the home the inspection starts with a review of the mechanical systems; heating, plumbing, electrical etc. Following that each individual room is inspected starting in the basement and working to the top level. The last location to be inspected is the attic.

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